CPAP Pros & Cons

The CPAP is one of the more common treatments for chronic snoring. But it has some potential issues that you should consider.

The continuous positive airway pressure machine is probably the best known response to chronic snoring. The machine includes a motor that delivers a constant stream of pressurized air through a tube into a mask worn by the user. This pushes against any blockages in the airway that cause snoring, allowing the user to stop snoring and sleep peacefully and quietly.

CPAP Downsides

CPAP Alternatives

Laser Treatments

One of the chief causes of sleep apnea is the soft palate, which can obstruct the airway while trying to sleep. Dr. Krish uses the NightLase treatment, a laser which tightens and elevates the soft palate to open up your airway at night.
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Oral Appliances

From custom orthotics designed to create more airway space to next-generation devices that reshape the oral cavity, Dr. Krish can give you freedom from snoring and help you get back to a good night's sleep.
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