Snoring Treatments

If chronic snoring is keeping you from getting a good night's sleep, you have options.

Snoring Solutions

If snoring is keeping you or your partner from getting a good night’s sleep, we have great news: you don’t have to suffer anymore!  There are a range of different options to treat the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea, and even permanently cure your chronic snoring.

Custom Oral Device

Dr. Krish can provide you with a range of oral orthotics to address your chronic snoring, and even fix the underlying cause of your obstructive sleep apnea.  This can let you get back to a good night’s sleep now and give you a complete cure from your sleep apnea.

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Laser Surgery for Snoring

One of the biggest culprits of obstructive sleep apnea is tissue from the soft palate constricting the airway.  Dr. Krish addresses this with the NightLase.  This laser therapy tightens the tissues of the soft palate to open up the airway.  Painless, non-invasive, zero anesthetic required, and works fast so you can get back to a good night’s sleep quickly.

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What About the CPAP?

The CPAP is the treatment sought by many suffering from sleep apnea.  But it has several downsides that you should consider first.

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If you or a loved one can’t get a good night’s sleep due to snoring, it’s time to stop suffering!  Call us and set an appointment today.