Simply put, people snore because they have difficulty moving air through the nose and throat. It is estimated that 90 million adults snore in the United States.

Developed in Europe, Nightlase is a fast, non-invasive, non-surgical, laser treatment that increases the quality of your sleep by tightening the soft palette tissues in the throat and mouth, thus improving airflow.

Nightlase can reduce or eliminate snoring and decrease the effects of Sleep Apnea.

The Nightlase laser optimizes the length of laser pulses to allow for heat to safely penetrate the oral mucosa tissue of the soft palette.

The laser causes the tissue to tighten, strengthening it, which results in a more open airway. A more open airway results in less or even no snoring. It also shrinks the soft palette, reducing vibrations. The tissue inside the mouth is very sensitive, thus the laser must be gentle enough to minimize pain or discomfort, while still being strong enough to heat the area enough to be clinically effective.

The Nightlase procedure is painless. You might feel a warm sensation as the laser shrinks the tissues in the back of your mouth.

Typically, a full course of the Nightlase consists of 3 separate treatments over a six-week span. Patients have seen up to a 50% improvement after just the first session. Studies have shown up to a 90% reduction in snoring tone and volume even one year after treatment, though you may need touch up appointments down the line.

Please note that a sleep study may be necessary before treatment with Nightlase.