More Wearables Are Including Sleep Apnea Detection Technology

In a recent blog post, we shared how an upcoming smart watch from Samsung will include sleep apnea detection technology. As it happens, Samsung isn’t the only industry player getting in on the game.

Google rolled out a range of new sensors in its Pixel Watch 2 in June. It included a range of software features normally found in Fitbit – which Google acquired in 2019 – but also a blood oxygen saturation sensor, which can help detect sleep apnea.

Now Apple is launching its response to these Android-driven devices with the 10th anniversary model of the Apple Watch. The tech giant is including a range of health-centric features on the new iteration of its wearable, including blood pressure monitoring, hypertension monitoring and sleep apnea detection.

As Apple’s wearable technology nears its tenth anniversary, it’s worth pointing out that wearables are hitting a new level of maturity that should be of interest to users with even passive interest in health and wellness. If you’re looking for ways to better monitor your health, you have a number of options within reach at different price points.


Published On: January 30, 2024 Categories: Sleep Apnea