The Importance of Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional therapy is an exercise-based therapy designed to target any weaknesses and dysfunction in the muscles that surround the mouth, the airway, and the tongue.  It’s like physical therapy, but only for the muscles of the mouth, tongue, and face. The exercises are designed to specifically reeducate and train your muscles for proper breathing, speaking, swallowing, and chewing.

Often, the cause of an underdeveloped jaw is muscle dysfunction. Thus, it can be important that individuals with jaw issues address muscle dysfunction as part of their treatment.

Drs. help patients create new space in their mouth and airway. Myofunctional therapists help teach patients how to properly and effectively use this newly acquired space. Myofunctional therapists teach your tongue to stay up and away from the airway and teach you how to consistently, and unconsciously, breathe through your nose again.

Here at TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of North Texas, we work with a wide roster of myofunctional therapists in the surrounding area and we can even arrange for online myofunctional therapy with our new partner MyoCorrect.

Published On: December 08, 2021 Categories: Quick Tips, TMJ Disorder Posts